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Against the Grain - Why the 2013 Tennessee Titans Will Make the Playoffs

Tennessee Titans 2013 Game-by-Game Breakdown
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1) Improved, revamped roster - Like the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccanners and Cleveland Browns, the Titans carefully executed strategic roster moves that could easily translate into 2-3 extra wins in 2013. Now, I expect the Chiefs to improve by 6 games next season, and finish as the most improved team in the NFL. I actually have the Titans losing to the vastly improved Chiefs when they roll through Music City in early October (more on how the Titan's schedule later on...)

As far as the players go, the arrivals of Levitre, Warmack and Hill will help elevate the Titans' defensive performance in 2013, following a historically astrocious defensive output last season. I believe as chemistry increases throughout the season, the cynergy will inspire better play from veterans such as Casey, Martin, Morgan, McCourty, McCarthy, Brown, Roos and Stewart. Speaking of McCarthy, I'm interested to see how he fa…

Parable of a Parody - "Try" (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about how in Pink's song, 'Try', she places the emphasis on “try” (*shocker*). We also talked about how we shouldn't set the ceiling at 'try' concerning our pursuit of imitating Christ; it’s better to see “try” as a progressive means to the “do”.
In addition, we introduced the 3D Principle: Our decisions determine our direction, which ultimately determines our destination.
Tonight we're taking the next step in connecting the “do” to the 'be'. In other words, what's the relationship between who we are and what we do - what are actions are? Are we what we do? Or is what we do a byproduct of who we are...or who we think we are?
You probably have heard the popular phrase: “Be yourself.” I know for me, the expression immediately conjures up a picture of the genie buzzing around Aladdin's ear in attempt to help him realize an important truth. But in a spiritual decapitated society, can you see how subjective this sounds? If …

Parable of a Parody - "Try" (Part 1)

We all have passions we burn for. Maybe it’s a goal or a risk we envision taking, such as talking to someone outside our comfort zone or taking a stand for what is right. Maybe it’s praying early in the morning and starting the day on the best possible note.

The thing is, every time we find these flammable points, we run the risk of being burned. Maybe it's failing. Maybe it's losing friends or popularity. Maybe it's losing comfort or sleep.

But so often, those things that run the biggest fire risk also provide the greatest opportunity for return. And sometimes the biggest burns create the most fruitful environment.
Take a forest fire. The fire might be devastating, but the nutrients that come from it make the most fertile soil around.
Truth is: fear is never a good reason not to move forward. Even if you fall, fail, mess up or lose something in the process, it doesn't mean the end is imminent. But if you fail to start, you are done before you ever took a step.