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The Inception Exception (Level 1)

One of my favorite films of all-time is Christopher Nolan’s 2010 classic, “Inception”.

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, an industrial spy, who has mastered the art of extraction (i.e. stealing valuable secrets from the subconscious during the dream state). As a professional in illegal espionage, Cobb prides himself as being the best at his trade and ultimately teams with Saito, an energy magnate, who encourages Cobb to dissolve the corporation of his business rival through a reverse process known as “inception”.

**Warning: Spoiler Alert**

As the case with any praiseworthy plot, the storyline is only as good as the conflict resisting it, and in “Inception”, we find Cobb repeatedly pitted against his biggest nemesis: his subconscious

Unknown to his colleagues, Cobb locks memories of his deceased wife within himself, partly due to the shame he feels for planting a fatal idea inside her when the two had previously lived in Limbo (an expanse of infinite raw subconscious). As a…

The Hipster Church

A few weeks ago, we discussed the uniqueness of God’s “hipster-ism”…and why it makes sense to follow the trends He’s set for us.
We also identified Jesus as the original hipster and that we are cool because God was first cool and made us in His image (which is the hipster paraphrased version of 1 John 4:19 & Genesis 1:27).
So if God’s cool and you’re cool…how’s a cool church supposed to function?
To answer this question, we’re going to investigate how the early church looked before it became known as “the church”.
Let’s look at the first few chapters in Acts…
In Acts 1, Jesus ascends into heaven. Immediately, the disciples are without the physical presence of the man they’d been following for three years of intense ministry. Yet, after the disciples return from Olivet, we find them back in the upper room, devoted in prayer.
Not only does this provide evidence to the fact Jesus was the ultimate hipster, but it also sheds light on the type of faith the disciples demonstrated.
You see, J…

The Other Side of Grace

We deserve the best in life…                                                                              …at least that’s what many want to believe.
After all, we live in a “work hard, reap the reward” culture, where everything is predicated on self-fulfillment.
But whatever happened to the idea we live to become, not to acquire? Whatever happened to the belief we live by what’s been divinely given, not by what we temporarily earn?
And what if people gave thanks not only for what they’d been given, but also for what they hadn’t been given?
You see, we often think God’s grace is subject to us receiving what we’re unworthy of.
1 Whether it’s a promotion, a house, even a relationship, we tend to perceive grace through the lens of gain.
But the flipside is just as equally true: what God doesn’t give us is just as strong a measure of His grace as anything else.
Now, you may be thinkin’: This sounds like mercy to me. Isn’t grace getting what you don’t deserve and mercy, not getting what …

10 Reasons Why Your Mom is Freakin' Awesome (Mrs. Goldberg Style)

Dedicated to my wonderful mothers and grandmothers, Nancy Fry, Peggy Fry (Mimi), Nana Oak & Jan DeWald Ferguson, all who embody the heart of this piece.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Mother’s Day. The one day a year we praise our moms for all the awesome things they do, despite the fact we should be doing this all the time. No doubt, moms are the most underrated people on the planet considering all the work they put in without any expectancy of gratitude. case you still need the evidence and/or content fodder for your next Mother’s Day card, here are ten reasons why your mom is freakin’ awesome.
1.  She squeezed you into existence. Yeah, yeah, your mom did plenty of post-labor nurturing…and was probably pretty good at it. I get that. But let’s not forget she carried you nine months in her womb…and you didn't even need to pay rent! Her love for you is so strong, she would gladly endure another round of morning sickness, cramping, bloating, constipation and s…

LEGACYouth: Hipster Jesus

No matter who you are, chances are you like to be known. I mean who wouldn’t want to be recognized as hashtag-worthy, a trend-setting hipster or some form of cool. #firstworlddreams
But let’s face it: these desires can be rather murky.
For instance, what does hipster mean anyway? 

A hipster, by definition, follows the latest trends and fashions. They believe the world can be run better and look better at the same time. And best of all, hipsters don't need a crystal ball to see into the future. Instead, they can rely on an innate sense to recognize what will be culturally acceptable years down the road, while still knowing what's currently 'in'.
Pretty cool, right? 
Unfortunately, many hipsters are so busy maintaining an identity set by the world, they lose sight of what truly matters. 
But what if the secular definition of "hipster" was flipped on its head? What if "hipster" included people helping others become who they were meant to be?  

After all, isn&…