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Flash Weather: 2017-18 Winter Weather Forecast

Well, folks. We’re one week past the autumnal equinox…and I think we all know what that means…

…break out the fall décor, have yourself a very merry pumpkin-space latte, and check Cameron’s blog for yet another preliminary winter weather forecast.
Now, I’m not gonna lie: my forecastlast year busted badly due, in part, to a screaming Pacific jet and lingering 2015-16 Super El Niño side effects. If you recall, outside of a few days in January and March, we absolutely blowtorched from December 23 through the end of March with top 5 positive temp anomalies for the stretch.

Just look at how nasty these CF6's look...

While it’s hard to imagine a worse winter this season, given the nature of winters since 2011, it’s only fair to wonder what to expect in the months ahead, specifically between Thanksgiving and the start of spring 2018.
Thus, as I always do this wonderful time of year, I present you my preliminary teleconnection grades for the winter ahead... ------------------------------…