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The Lockout @ the Lock[in]

So last night...I'm playin' some 'Communist Church' with LEGACYouth at our summer lock[in] event when one of our students notices this guy laying flat outside the main entrance.
At first, I'm thinkin' maybe we should let him be, but after a group huddle, it becomes clear we need to reach out instead.
Given we had ~30 youth downstairs, I decide to split them up into three groups: the bigger group would remain downstairs in the Youth Room, another would be upstairs in the main lobby praying/on standby, and the smallest group (four of my youth leaders) would join me in going out to talk/share some pizza with the man.
Upon approaching him, we note a portable radio plugged into an outdoor outlet blastin' some bluegrass, some beer, and some cigarettes. As for the guy himself...let's just say he was high as a kite and super inebriated...his first words upon seeing us: "Lord, thank you that you have sent your angels."

Now, I don't have a full trans…

3 Truths for When You Don't Get the Job

Have you ever been minutes away from a peaceful night sleep only to be shell shocked by a last second ‘bad news’ barrage?

If you answered, ‘yes’, welcome to the story of my life last Tuesday.

Before I continue, for those who’ve been following our story the past few years, you’ve probably noticed how ‘perseverance in challenging work environments’has been a prevalent theme; however, today…I’m going to talk about the other side of the coin (i.e. the roller coaster ride that is “job hunting”).

Now, I’ll be honest: I’m not a renowned expert in “job hunting”. In fact, since I landed at TDOT in April 2012, I’ve only been able to engage the search for eight months with hiatuses attributable to Master’s work and recent life changes1.

But while I may not be the greatest career transition consultant, what I can say is: such a road, while disappointing at times, can be rewarding if we remain steadfast in patience and determination.
Yet, for many of us, it bears discussion how to cope with the discour…

4 Takeaways from #LoveMexico

So last month, I had the privilege of co-leading a team of LEGACYouth down to YWAM Pachuca and Real del Monte on our #LoveMexico missions trip (i.e. the third stage of #oneepicsummer). Like #LoveAkron, the experience was a huge hit, granted in this case, we had a larger team returning for its sophomore campaign.

However, after reconvening with the youth during Facedown last week, we couldn’t help but wonder, ‘what now?’

After all, having taken an aerial view of the past two months, no question we’ve ‘leveled up’. We’re more tightly bonded, we’ve stepped further outside our comfort zone, we’ve ministered life to the broken, we’ve led people to Jesus…I could go on.<>

But as I mentioned last month, I’m not one to tempt any spirit of false accomplishment. ‘Cause truth is: what credit can we possibly claim? I mean….whatever good we do, we do it for Jesus…because of Jesus, right?

Thus, what better way to start walking this talk than with a #LoveMexico reflection post featuring a fresh set…