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Here’s a news flash best fit for mainstream awareness: the end-all, be-all mark of a good life is not limited to an accrual of virtues and values. Beliefs that suggest such an accumulation is sufficient enough to constitute saving grace, especially when mixed with tailored standards, contradict the Gospel. The mere scent of this misleading dogma lights my fuse to the point of blazoning out. But it is out of pure respect for the final fruit of the Spirit that I shut up and write instead.

There is a virtue/value combo seldom mentioned due to a pervasive twist in its perception. The word, “change”, is one of the most relative terms in the human language. We commonly associate “change” as a subjective idea, based on past experiences and future forecasts, for better or for worse (in more ways than one). In other words, change can be good or it can be bad (Note: the only word used twice in that last sentence is “can” and "be"). Accepting this perspective on change is to consent, …