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LEGACYouth Purity Discussion Series: Relationship Q's & A's with Lyssah & Cameron

On Wednesday, May 9, we asked LEGACYouth what questions they had about purity, dating, friendships & relationships. Two weeks later, Lyssah and I return with the *"juicy" answers in our evolving group repartee...

* From the May 9 word picture given to Cameron about how in order to cultivate good fruit, sometimes, you just gotta get a little juicy... ;)                                                                  

                    LF = Lyssah Ferguson CF = Cameron Fry
1)Why are most girls high-maintenance?
CFMany girls view relationships, either partially or mostly, through the lens of security. A girl who is high-maintenance may consciously or subconsciously act a certain way to attract the attention of a man who could potentially “head” (1 Cor. 11:3) over her.
LFThat is a good perspective. I think another way it could be stated is sometimes a girl being high-maintenance is related to her own insecurity and her need to have her own worth affirmed, either by being t…

The Scenic Route

My life hasn’t exactly followed an enviable script. Then again, I don’t live for the screenplay. So why, then, would I relativize the touchstones of faith by unwarranted contrasting?

Some say you can’t change the road you’ve been on, only the direction from present place. While I sincerely agree, I diverge from the majority who consider “change” to be the key word, when in fact, it is “you”. A road cannot be changed by the minds and hands of man, but it can be reconciled by a God who is infinitely stronger than the summation of mankind’s efforts and effects.

To be reconciled is to encounter change. You cannot separate redemption and renewal from transformation. Such a partition is impossible, especially in light of the Cross.
Still, we are human. We fall short of glory and build bastions comprised of balderdash. At times, we take unauthorized detours, waste time down dead-ends and smash into guardrails along the way, enabling our crash and burns to leave us feeling like trash in turns.…