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Thoughts on Robert Clinton's "The Making of a Leader"

Reflecting further on leadership guidance and ministry maturing the past few days, three critical points in Robert Clinton's concluding chapters in "The Making of a Leader" stuck out.

In discussing multi-phase ministry processes, Clinton provides insight to what he calls negative preparation, a process item that involves God's use of conflict and hardship. The purpose of negative preparation is to break and humble a leader in a way that launches him/her into greater freedom. As negative preparation is experienced, God can use the time to develop perseverance and integrity in either an emerging or seasoned leader.Clinton admits that despite its necessity, this particular component of guidance processing is not meant to be viewed as an easy escape for those who often place themselves in difficult situations. Instead, the emphasis should be focused on release and "new season" preparation.

Negative preparation essentially leads to brokenness - a pathway to grea…

"The God They Never Knew" Book Review

In "The God They Never Knew", George Otis sheds light on his interpretation of grace and its relation to real faith. Upon inspection, many readers can agree he offers a solid understanding of what grace looks like in addition to how it should be interpreted and applied.

First off, he dismisses the idea of salvation having to be paid for, citing this notion as a major division in the modern day church. He notes that if Jesus paid for our sins, then forgiveness is impossible by means of retributive justice, a lacking of mercy and compassion. Many denominational splits occur over the concept of grace. Believers associate the ultimate debt of sin as having been paid for on the cross. Interestingly enough, many of those believers claim to abide by forgiveness and grace, which contradict the point Otis is making in his book.

Grace cannot be understood in terms of penance, and Otis captures the idea by comparing release to fulfillment. Grace loses purpose and meaning if God slaps …