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True Humility

Last weekend while attending Hope Force International training, I listened to an enlightening series, laced with wise, whispering words about humility.

Snug in my cushion of coziness, my spiritual understanding soared, engaged with interest yet slight discomfort due to truth (over)saturation. Still, in light of the perpetual parade of “amen’s” and “Yes, Lord’s”, I figured I’d deposit some fresh nuggets of delicious revelation on the cyber table of inquiry.

But enough of the verbiage. Let’s get down to “business”! Besides, most people simply want to know what humility is and how it works, a very nice place to start indeed…

So what about this facet of righteousness do we know?

For starters, most of us know humility involves a lack of pride, commonly noted behind the many pulpits of America. Others conjure up ideas of modesty and goodness of heart…all right answers, though I’d submit not completely correct.

Even worse are the mentalities of those who downplay humility to the point it’…

The Missional Triune

For the Church to radically fulfill its mission, the kerygma, koinonia, and diakonia must be in sync, or in unison concerning how each facet of ministry is exercised and utilized. In order for the Spirit-filled Church to faithfully influence culture and the lost, each component should be entirely associated with a transcending Kingdom mindset. In order for successful engagement between these components and culture to take place, each missional element must remain intertwined among every spiritual dimension, so that firm foundations may be established within the church.

The proclamation aspect, kerygma, should not only teach the Word and minister truth effectively, but it should also encourage the koinonia constituent for stronger fellowship in the Body. Essentially, the communal vision of a church should not be separated or distinct from the missional vision. Contrarily, the two should provide a one-two punch so believers can live among community in a way that bridges the Kingdom with…