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Punching Through to Jesus

"Harass these hecklers, GOD, punch these bullies in the nose. Grab a weapon, anything at hand; stand up for me! Get ready to throw the spear, aim the javelin, at the people who are out to get me. Reassure me; let me hear you say, "I'll save you." ~ Psalm 35:1-3 (MSG)
I received an encouraging word in the shower this morning about ‘punching’ through to Jesus. Now I wouldn’t dub this the most enlightening analogy ever received. By all means, it’s a flippin’ sports analogy. How conventionally masculine, right? And for the record, I’ve never understood why the shower has been such a hot spot for divine insight and downloads. Perhaps it’s the cleansing metaphor in action. Perhaps it’s the fact I’m completely alone and that’s when my spiritual antennas reach a sensitivity peak. I could go on… (But I won’t because so much talking about shower time borderlines the awkward. And I firmly believe in the word ‘quota’…)

So I have this five minute pity episode, reminiscing about …