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The Tucked Cloak

Imagine being Jehu.

King of Israel. Successor to Ahaziah’s nefarious reign. Charged and anointed by a prophet sent by Elisha. And prior to your commission, this messenger is given the most random instruction: “Tuck your cloak into your belt” (v. 1).

Wait, what? Is Elisha tipsy here? Did somebody bump his head after doing the chicken dance too many times?

Probably not. What is certain is the Bible does not directly clarify the significance of this action; however, you can bank on this representing something important.

Quick rabbit trail: I would argue that God crafted the Word so that its readers would have to dig in to find certain answers pertaining to inherent questions. Another message for another day though…

Back to the cloak…

A concordance check reveals that this isn’t the first time this instruction is mentioned. We find it earlier in 2 Kings 4 and Exodus 12, when God bestows Passover guidelines to Moses.

In both situations, haste is specifically addressed. Why? Perhaps t…


When I think of subjective words that drive me crazy, perspective comes to mind. By itself, I savor the word; universally, however, the word has grown cliché, culturally costumed to fit the individual more so than any other entity. And though I don't seek to undermine personal relevancy, we must not let the 'self' take away from its ideal meaning: true understanding proportionate to importance. What's important may vary from person to person, but perspective always bridges the gap between perception and reality. If perspective acted as a device, it would stretch, connect, filter and process our daily perspicacity to produce a quality output, aligning to absolute truth.

Now that I have gotten the mumbo-jumbo out of the way, I can clarify the past five sentences with a testimony.

In recent weeks, my big-picture perspective has benefited from various experiences, some inspiring, and others discouraging. On the plus side, I’ve endured some major rejuvenation by means of st…