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The Cloud & The Divine Darning

Lately, life is but a passing peek outside a windowpane. Revealed is an autumnal vista in full bloom, attempting to cover my colorless mien with blushes of vibrancy. But on this dreary October afternoon, my heart is the cloud I wish I could fly to. And there’s no refreshing touch, trace or tone, apart from God, that can liven this soul, deadened under a blanket of despair, claustrophobic from pain and weary from “why’s”. Still there is something somehow offsetting the grief, like a ray of sun that is felt, but not seen, leading all emotional mush to the foot of the cross.
We all know it’s uncomfortable to stay in the same place. Our whole lives are based on the premise of perpetual progress – the advancement of self to be more like Christ. In turn, our transformation is meant to influence that of another, through the grace and glory of God. What the ultimate journey accomplishes is nothing less than radical. And along the evolv…

The Joy Replacement Process

As I drove to work this morning, marveling at the arrival of autumn colors, a crazy realization came to mind. I am much healthier than I’ve been in a long time, booming on betterment surges the past six weeks. But though my cylinders are functioning cleaner and crisper, I’m not nearly as joyous – several posts short of jubilant status. I could be off my rocker in the execution of such phraseology; nonetheless, ensuing bemusement has left quite the throbbing head.

Let me cut to the chase, instead of verbally dancing about the mulberry bush. I desire to be all that I can be for Jesus. Throughout my blog history, my passion about conforming and transforming for his glory has been a consistent theme, along with an increasing dissatisfaction with complacency and its pertinent counterparts. In essence, I have grown alongside my writings. Dig through five years’ worth and one will discover that in the pursuit of God, I have gained a solid understanding about the fool I used to be, what an i…