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The Real Thing

You may want to put on your boots. Tonight not only features a shot of scattered clouds, but a chance of crushed phalanges as well. Not to imply I take any delight in stepping on them; I’m simply imparting a fair warning based on the content below.

So much jibber and jabber in America these days over the cross-generational increase in ignorance, indifference, and all that is killing innocence, passion and the pursuit of righteousness. Answers are in abundance, often in the form of an Average Joe’s two cents; others seemingly turn into dissertations without a trace of disciplined speech.

But hear me clearly, people. I’m not vouching for a concentrated series on my takes. Instead, deem my challenges as sporadic, with a light n’ easy, maybe “sunny-side-up” standpoint with respect to upcoming holiday bliss. Also, keep in my mind that when I preach to the choir, I consider myself to be a part of it. Freedom of bias is the succulent cherry atop the parfait of verbal art.
Chances are you crav…


Imagine life as a crestfallen fugitive, perturbed past the point of pain and desperate for death. Not even Harrison Ford could fathom the intensity that Elijah must have felt during his escape to Beer-sheba from the clutches of Ahab and Jezebel. Conventional fugitives are often renegades seeking self-preservation and/or revenge; however, this was not the case with Elijah. On the heels of God’s intervention at Mount Carmel, Elijah had set off on another mission, initiated by the tucking of his mantle under his belt (18:46). As Elijah neared his approach to Ahab, the Bible says the power of God was upon him. Yet, not even this divine overlay could prevent a fear of man from overwhelming Elijah. Upon Jezebel’s threat on his life, he fled into the wilderness after leaving his servant in Beer-sheba, on route to Horeb. In the heart of rough country, God would trade refuge for refuge with Elijah.

The spiritual awakenings would commence with an angelic visitation at a broom tree (19:5) and a …