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Homosexuals vs. the Peacefakers

In the battle between church and identity, homosexuality has solidified itself as arguably the most prominent ethical issue of this postmodern age. As the case with similar matters, such as abortion, healthcare, employment, corporate fraud and euthanasia, the spiritual evolution of gay relationships is changing drastically. And as the closet loses its repute of refuge, popular perception surrounding homosexuality continues to alter, trending away from religious conflict and towards cultural barometer. As the world assesses character through the lens of tolerance and places premiums on lenience and acceptance, the tension between church and state escalates. For the believer, it’s imperative now more than ever to convey the marriage between sufferance and justice by establishing a sound game-plan rooted in the heart of God - to be prepared to make a gentle and respectful defense to anyone who inquires about the hope [we] have (1 Peter 3:15); however, accrued revelation is only the begin…

The God Who Makes Change

As a new year debuts, many are launching into self-inspired resolutions to unite dreams of clean slates to personal aspirations. Unfortunately, in our westernized cul-de-sac, settings goals for the sake of egoistic modulation has crystallized into one of the most cliché, and often futile, traditions. As time bids its annual farewell, revelatory ambitions are shared to conjure up higher expectations into future days; however, lost within this desire of narcissistic edification is a true understanding of change. In today's world, the prospect of transformation has diminished to shots of self-seeking satisfaction, evinced by people taking insane action to overcome the insanity in their lives. Little do they know that resolutions, without supremely integrated motivation and anchored hope, will never last through the doldrums of winter.

To embrace true change in a way that amplifies character and faith, the first step is to acknowledge our own insufficiencies. For without divine presen…