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Flash Weather: April 27-29 Skew-T Analysis

Anyone have a quick minute for a meteorology lesson?

The graph below is the 18z GFS Skew-T for Nashville valid 21z (or 3 pm) Monday afternoon. This is what is called a "loaded gun" sounding. For those who like football, these also known as "goalpost" soundings (probably serves as a better visual, right? =). These soundings are common with mid-south severe weather episodes, like the one we'll experience early next week. They typically represent storm systems with a large supply of moisture in the boundary layer provided by a low-level southerly flow and low-level moist convergence on the nose of a low-level jet at 850mb.

Sorry just had to get the mumbo-jumbo out of the way.


There are many lines on a Skew-T, but we're just going to focus on the main ones for now:

First, let's identify the x-axis and y-axis contours. On the x-axis, we have temp…

5 Reasons Why Your Testimony is Lame…I Mean, Ineffective

Your testimony is lame.  That’s right…lame… as in worthless and embarrassing. Or, at least that’s the vibe I get when I hear someone segue into one with a preface that starts with “It’s no big deal,” “I don’t want to bother you,” or “It’s not as good as , but…”. As is the case with many of my blogs, this one can be traced back to a conversation I had recently with my mother.  I’m not ashamed to mention when I am inspired by something my mom has said or done. Why? Because she is freakin’ awesome. See, when I am confident in the quality and source of my inspiration, I have no problem sharing it. And you know what-most people who have heard stories about my mom want to meet her.  I’m 27 and my friends ask to meet my mom.  They get excited about being invited to hang out with her.  Heck, my brother’s girlfriend likes leaving my brother at home and going grocery shopping with her! I never start a recounting of a “mom” encounter with “If it’s not an inconvenience” or with the intention of stating …

The "Cross-Road" in the Sand

Imagine the fate of your credibility and a complete stranger riding on a decision you needed to make in the heat of a tense moment.

No doubt, it’s hard to fathom such a perfect storm in our personal lives; however, when we look at Christ’s ministry, we find such challenges playing a regular role.

Take John 8 for instance, where we find Jesus, once again, navigating harsh winds, this time in the form of a devious scheme.

After shattering some serious mold at the Festival of Tabernacles (John 7), Jesus makes one of his timely getaways to the Mount Olives. Although the text isn’t clear on what Jesus did during his respite, we can deduce by Gospel trends the likely probability of Jesus resting, interceding and communing with the Father, all part of his preparation for the day ahead.
After an early rise to teach in the temple courts, the drama unfolds in verse 3, as teachers of the Law and the Pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery to a sitting Jesus.
Teacher,” they said to Jesus, “t…

Why I Stonewall (A Teenage Monologue)

I have a problem I’m willing to admit: I don’t give a crap what you think.
Because at the end of the day, I’m not you… …and I’m only going to give you so much room. To know. To feel. To see. Me.
Granted, I’m not the center of the universe. Psh, I mean, who am I to want that?  Besides, it’s not like I want, or even need attention as much as some acceptance once and a while. But let's get one thing straight: I'm not the kind to tempt pride by wielding it out of people. That's just not me. Honestly, I’d rather tightrope the fine line between selflessness and self-protection. After all, I have fears and hopes like anyone else.
Let’s face it: the pursuit of “happiness” is messy and joy comes with a cost. Whatever we’re searching for…whatever path we desire…chances are the road will feature rejection, failure, uncertainty…and collisions into our darkest fears. Surely not every journey justifies the pain incurred…
…then again maybe it does.
I mean…I may not know much, but I do know …