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The Red Umbrella

I’ve always had a thing for red umbrellas1…
…a peculiar liking considering my preference of wet over dry…and the fact my favorite colors are on the opposite end of the spectrum.
So naturally…when my home church decided to set up a red umbrella by our welcome desk earlier this summer, my fascination couldn’t help but rekindle.
What a nice touch, I thought2. This will add some flair to our lobby.
But while the red umbrella, no doubt, offered a charming visual, the more I passed it by, the more I realized its unique significance, specifically, it wasn’t just some classy décor there to look cute; it was a landmark drawing people to a place they could connect3 and discover hope4.
Suddenly, I could sense the Spirit broadening my definition of the term.
Yes, hope is a sure and steadfast expectation (Proverbs 23:18), but this doesn't mean it's limited to a feeling about the future, a dollop of quixotic optimism5...or pride in something passionately believed in.

Contrarily, hope is a dwelling…

3 Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Have you ever felt ‘home’ locationally yet far from it relationally…

…secure in the journey, but perhaps insecure in community?
No question, it’s an awkward emotional dichotomy…to feel in love where you’re at yet estranged at the same time.
Perhaps you’ve wondered what do when you feel like you’re not connecting or what to do when you feel God isn’t honoring your obedience with the right relationships.
If that’s you, then heed my words…
…’cause truth is: I’ve been there...
…and in some ways, I’m still there.
And I’m sure for many of you reading this…you can say the same.
With that said, here are three ways to rightfully cope with the contradiction.
1)Live and breathe God’s wholeness.

No doubt, God is enough. The question is: do you honestly believe it?

Consider Jeremiah…a prophet whose calling meant to be alone, as evidenced by his directive not to marry, go to weddings or funerals, be in the presence of feasters and merrymakers, etc.

When we study Jeremiah’s narrative, it shouldn’t surprise …

A Derived Decision

Have you ever accepted something that seemed right at first, but in the end, turned out completely different…or know what it’s like to be led in a certain direction only to have the rug pulled out from under you at the last minute?

No doubt, we’ve all been there…charmed by a favorable circumstance, only to be discouraged by the disenchanting mirage in its wake.

But truth is: how we cope with such disappointment is worth discussion.

‘Cause if for everything, there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1), then it makes sense how the delay, even death of a dream can be exactly what we need1.

Consider the story of my life last month…when such insight ignited after a private school pitched me an alluring math teaching position2.

For two weeks, everything converged on what I thought was an “open door” opportunity.

The interviews? Excellent. My application? Outstanding. My audition? Smooth…especially on short notice.

Eventually, I received an official offer and after …