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Conquering Cynicism

I have a confession to make…and I’m not afraid to say it…
…I’m more cynical than I seem.
And it’s hard for me to admit, ya know? ‘Cause if you would have asked me 5, 7, 10 years ago…and asked me what I’m not…I probably would have said the same thing.


It’s one of the sneakiest strongholds in existence. It plagues us, it stirs us, it blinds us; however, it’s often overlooked.

Why is that?

Well, as one who can humbly testifry1 to its cunning, cynicism tends to burrow in the places where unbelief and pride intersect; hence, why it’s so easy for cynicism to go unnoticed since those afflicted tend to assign skepticism to unbelief and security to self-preservation.

But truth is: cynicism isn’t a tolerable form of doubt or healthy confidence, it’s not an exit strategy for our fears, distrust, and past pains…and it’s certainly not an ideal way to bridge relationships considering cynicism deems them unworthy (by way of shattered ideals - real or imagined).

Contrarily, cynicism is a p…

Remembering 'Purple Rain'

So yesterday I’m looking out my office window, listening to the gentle pattering of some much needed rain, when I hear “Mr. Purple Rain”, "The Artist" known as Prince, has passed away.
At first, I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, who’s next?’ considering I’d just found out about Chyna a few hours earlier…and usually, when it rains ‘death news’, it pours in batches of three (Historically, has anyone else noticed this?).
Anywho, I know many, especially those “north” of Generation Y, are still grieving the loss on one of American music’s most game-changing (and flamboyant) cultural icons. So please note: I’m not here to pour salt on any melancholy wounds.

However, though I can’t personally relate to feelings of deep heaviness in wake of this particular tragedy (considering Prince’s content/beliefs have always clashed significantly with my Christ-following ambitions), not only can I still sympathize from an anthropologic perspective, but I can use that connection as a means to share about the…

The Prodigal's Wardrobe

So last week, I’m revisiting the prodigal son parable when it dawns on me:

Before there could be a party (v. 23), there had to be ‘fashion statement’ (v. 22)…because before the son could celebrate, he had to first know why he was being celebrated.

Not to suggest this was my first time visualizing the father decking his son with boughs of jolly; I’m just sayin’ in the past, I used to skim over this part as side detail.

The dad is happy his son is back; I get it,’ I’d think to myself.
But now, having marinated in this passage further, I can’t help but wonder if this excerpt is the most profound part of the entire story.
Because not does it highlight a daily reality of God’s father-heart of love, but it also emphasizes the progression of God’s ministry of reconciliation, which can be designated as:
1) God’s confirmation of our identity in Him --> 2) God’s admittance of ‘as we are’ in light of who we are in Him --> 3) God’s celebration of #1 + #2

You see…often times, we skip from #1 to #…