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Rethinking Authority: Part 1

No question, many of us have a bittersweet relationship with [our idea of] “authority”. We know it’s essential, we know it’s relevant…but we chafe when it comes to being under it¹.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why “authority” rubs people the wrong way and creates quivers among the masses…

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

‘Cause whether you’re in authority and suspect the authenticity of your subordinates…or are under it and think the term is nothing more than a means for manipulation/a code word for power, addressing the issue of ‘what to do when you question authority’ is key.

With that said, here are a couple practical ways to rightfully deal with authority (as supported by Scripture):

1) Pray. As cliché as it may sound, voicing supplication is not so much a ‘good idea’, as it is a Kingdom mandate (or as I call…an "appointed opportunity") for us to engage. Take 1 Timothy 2:1-3 for instance. In this passage, Paul is urging his younger colleague to intercede for al…

The Path Less Traveled

On starry night in mid-July, I near a path less traveled by Two roads converged; I pause to ponder, breathing dusk in hope to wonder Where this goes…who really knowsto where it flows or where it slows But a path so lit, a sky legit…how can I not be up for it? And so it starts on foreign route, a journey lighting year’s commute A vane in motion once imposing, now a door in rapid closing
On cherished faces, all those places…counting down amid the paces

Where ‘tween a few along the trace, a tear comes streaming down my face Because I know the time is now; in stride I ride, in heart I bow To think about all I adore…and all the things I’m thankful for And all the reasons I am blessed even when my faith is pressed As for this day, I’m glad in it; for days to come, my hope is fit Yet for this road, who really knows bar the step out from the shadows Where from there forth I carry on, content with what is here and gone And so, my friends, be grateful still for what you have, what was, what will These days…

Passion Punch: 9 Truths for 9 Fruits (Part 1)

For those who follow me on His Girl Fryday, you know for the past few months, Lys and I have been leading a ‘Fruits in Fullness’ youth discipleship series, diving off Galatians 5 into the depths of Ephesians 3...and with two fruits to go, we figured we'd start looking back at the best of each session and re-examine each fruit in their wholeness... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fullness of Joy
When we talk about joy, it’s important we grasp its contrast to happiness. I know when I was a kid, there were many times I'd encounter a burst of positivity assuming it to be joy (long term happiness) when in actuality I was experiencing a form of happiness (short term joy).
Not to suggest happiness is a bad thing. After all, if contentment is frequent in your life, clearly you’re doing something right. At the same time, it’s worth noting the biggest difference between joy and happiness …