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3 Ways to Overcome a Fear of Rejection

No doubt, we all burn to belong. Makes sense…considering we were made for relationship…to put on love and commune in harmony (Romans 12:16; 1 Corinthians 1:10, Colossians 3:14). 
But let’s be honest…such desires aren’t always realized, are they. 
Relocations…busyness…life changes…even the walls we put up…cycle through as hindrances interfering with our need to find unity in community. 
Yet, perhaps the greatest obstacle we face when we talk about healthy relationships is the fear of rejection.
Now, I admit: I’m still progressing through my own set of relational insecurities. But while I may have much to learn, I’ve also grown a great deal having persevered through idolatrous pursuits of acceptance in my early 20's, in addition to recent challenges as a bivocational minister. So when I say a fear of rejection is one of the most paralyzing strongholds, you can take my word to the bank. As far as dealing with this fear type, you’ve probably heard much on the topic already. 
Yet, for bivoc…

Gettin' Iggy With It: Why 'Savior' Is a Wake Up Call

So this may sound weird, but I think my biggest non-football related takeaway from Super Bowl Sunday was Iggy Azalea’s new debut, ‘Savior’, thrumming throughout the new Monster commercial.
I know for many of us, when I say ‘Iggy’, the explicit I-tunes icon immediately pops up (which for the record…doesn’t apply in this case); however, while the song’s actual message is up for debate, dare to consider Quavo’s chorus which three times reiterates…
…I’ve been looking for a savior (featuring "someone to hold on to" at the end of line 3 and ‘…to save me’ on line 4).
Now, I know there’s a good chance Iggy is pulling the whole ‘woman not needing a man for identity and worth’ theme (which shout-out to Nick Young…you may play for the Warriors, but bro…you owe this girl an apology. Be a playa on the court, not off of it. Ya mean?).
Sorry, Bill Simmons, NBA geek fan moment there…
But seriously, I couldn’t help but resonate to this heart cry from a witness perspective.
Sure, what we, as believ…